Hi everyone! This is the new Killpoppy.com. Since I, Poppy’s namesake, have formally fallen in love with and then married Colepepper McSimmons, I’ve come to terms with his inventions. Mini-Droids are now and for the foreseeable future; safe here. There will be no more crunchings, manglings or squashings perpetrated on the little dears.

So, while we enjoy an end of hostilities, please sit back and sip on a cup of tea. You may visit Teacozy in person if you want to buy this blend from us, or you may make it yourself from this free recipe. It’s my wedding gift to the world; since the next batch of Mini-Droids will indeed, have the Colepepper-droids, smiling.

Colepepper Smile Tea

1 heaping teaspoon black tea leaves; preferably Orange Pekoe

One twist of orange rind, or, in a pinch, lemon rind

 Stevia to taste

1 sprinkle-dash of cloves


Place ingredients in a tea ball or strainer. Pour Boiling water over and through the tea leaf mixture, keeping the leaves in the strainer or ball but allowing the boiling water to move the leaves around. Let steep, 4- 5 minutes. Remove strainer or tea ball from the tea.

Makes one pot~ 2~3 cups; of tea

Serve hot with cream, or with lemon (Never both together!)

Also good iced!